Artwork of Ernest Marceau featured in Online Exhibit

A patinting entitled "Brings Down the Sun War Party," acrylic on canvas © 2008 Ernest Marceau




December 21, 2020

BROWNING, MONTANA: Visionary World, a special exhibition of contemporary paintings and drawings by Ernest Marceau, presented by the Museum of the Plains Indian, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, is now available at the following website:

Ernest Marceau, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe (Siksikaitsiitapii), uses his art to share the culture and history of his people.  As a professional artist specializing in painting and sculpture, he creates art that allows the viewer to investigate the imaginary world of his mind.  Born in Browning, Montana, Mr. Marceau was raised on the Blackfeet Reservation.  He graduated from Browning High School in 1981, and attended Haskell Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas, where he focused his studies on art.

This exhibit presents a small sample of Mr. Marceau’s life work, including elements of both his previous and current artistic expressions.  Visionary World is a collection capturing the Blackfeet way of life on the Great Plains, as though it were a spiritual dream.  Although mostly self-taught, Mr. Marceau credits his school’s Head Start program with nurturing his artistic spirit at a young age.  As he grew older, his art was deeply influenced by the work of other artists, as well as family and friends.  He continues to learn from others in the art world, with the goal of increasing his capacity to create the visionary images he presents in his artwork.

Mr. Marceau’s earliest memory of creating art occurred at age three when he produced a stylized drawing of a dog.  From there, he began to experiment in other mediums, including sculpture, oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, pastel, etc.  He quickly discovered that painting on stretched canvas was his preferred medium, and through adolescence and adulthood he continued to grow his artistic skills. Mr. Marceau credits his family with supporting his art career from an early age, including purchasing art supplies and praising the work of the young artist.  His visionary world that blends Blackfeet history and culture with a modernist aesthetic is a unique perspective.  In the words of the artist:

“I want to create art that looks into my deepest thoughts. Art which brings out my creativity in an endless form like the universe. It is never ending, and the creativity goes on to eternity, like my visionary world.”

The artwork featured in the exhibition may be purchased by contacting Ernest Marceau directly at 406-338-2109.

To view Visionary World by Mr. Marceau, please watch the video below.


To view a time-lapse video of Mr. Marceau painting, please watch the video below.

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