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About Us:

The Office of Grants Management (PGM) is responsible for providing executive leadership, oversight, and policy for the financial assistance across the Department of the Interior.  The responsibilities of this office include (1) drafting and implementing Department-wide financial assistance regulations, policies, and guidance; (2) ensuring the Department has adequate data and information technology resources for the administration and oversight of the financial assistance function; (3) ensuring adequate internal controls for financial assistance; and (4) providing Department-wide financial assistance workforce planning and strategy.   

The DOI administers approximately 300 financial assistance programs. This financial support helps to improve the natural environment, build infrastructure, and provide public and social services. Grant and payment programs administered by DOI provide $7.1 billion in value added, economic contributions of $11.3 billion, and supported the employment of approximately 94,000 jobs.  There is a wide variety of authorizing legislation, both national and international, in support of resource protection and use, recreation, and service to communities.  


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