Return to the Main Interior Building During Phase 2

Last edited 2/15/2023


It has been several months since the White House first unveiled the plan to slow the spread of COVID-19. The plan encouraged following State and local public health guidance. I applaud all Department of the Interior (Department) employees for your hard work during these challenging times and for your ability to adapt to a changing work environment. This has enabled the Department to continue to serve its mission on behalf of the American people, while also allowing healthcare facilities nationwide to prepare for and adapt to this disease. Now, as the National Capital Region (NCR) transitions to Phase 2 today, we will rely on your professionalism and versatility once again as employees begin to return to the workplace. 

The majority of you have not returned to the Main Interior Building (MIB) since we moved to maximum telework in March. For those of you who are able to return, I ask you to take note of the procedures and precautions we are asking you to take to further mitigate the risk of exposure throughout Phase 2. First, we ask employees to use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) self-checker)

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