Path Forward Toward Resuming Normal Operations from the Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Last edited 2/15/2023

Interior Team,

The Secretary and I are appreciative of how hard everyone across the Interior Department is working to support the important and critical work of our agency as we adjust to the government COVID-19 response, while continuing to manage the impacts of the pandemic on our personal lives. Thank you for all you are doing.

Interior bureau COVID-19 Adaptive Operations Recovery Plans have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget and are now finalized. At the State and local level, our progression toward regular operations will appropriately vary, and the pace of our own actions will be guided by the pace of Governors and public health officials. Each Bureau’s plan phases in regular operations at our offices/duty locations and increases access to our public lands. As always, the Department’s ability to carry out its mission and prioritize the safety of its workforce remains paramount in our decision making.

As we continue down the path toward resuming normal operating conditions, this memorandum modifies the following operating/leave protocols, effective May 24, 2020, until rescinded:

Telework & Flexible Work Schedules
Consistent with Bureau Adaptive Operations Recovery Plans (Plans) offices/duty locations are encouraged to begin moving toward normal operations as conditions warrant and consistent with Plans by utilizing available telework options, which will generally align to the designated phase of an office location pursuant to the Guidelines for Opening Up America Again)

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