Planning for the Next 100 Years

Over a century ago, President Theodore Roosevelt outlined his vision for the future of the Department of the Interior as he established the time-honored American conservation ethic. Today and tomorrow, I am hosting a brainstorming session in Washington, D.C. as we develop our reorganization plan for the next 100 years at Interior. Meeting over the next couple of days with senior members of our team from across the country, we are taking the first step in a long process of writing the latest chapter of the great story of conservation in America together.

I believe in engaging with employees to ensure that those affected by our reorganization will have a voice in the process. This will be a team effort, requiring the courage of Roosevelt and the wisdom of John Wesley Powell, an early leader of the U.S. Geological Survey. We will be more joint in our approach, working together as one Interior team, as we look to the future of our Department.

After receiving input from our employees today, we will incorporate the feedback from the front lines, so that we can continue to create a reorganization plan that truly improves Interior. I am confident that we will be successful, and that generations to come will benefit from our love of our lands and our resolve to conserve them.

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