DOI Data

Thomas Dabolt is the Department's Chief Data Officer.

Patricia Currier is the Department's Evaluation Officer. 

Jacob Malcom is the Department's Statistical Official.   

2023 – 2027 Geospatial Services Strategic Plan, Department of the Interior

DOI Data Governance Board Charter

2023 Agency Inventory Of Ai Use Cases For Doigovdata [xlsx]

DOI Data Governance Board Members. 

Bureau/Office Name
DOI Chief Data Officer Thomas Dabolt
DOI Chief Evaluation Officer Patricia Currier
DOI Statistical Official Jacob Malcom
BIA Ulrick M Rogers
BOR Jeffrey Nettleton
BLM Jesse German
FWS Jason Duke
NPS Jennifer Carlino
USGS Cheryl Morris
BOEM Warren Boyd
BSEE Timmy Baudier
OS/ONRR Ryan Jordan
OS/OWF Roshelle Kimber
OSM Ruben Molina
ASIA Veronica Lane
BTFA Lorie Wagner

-- DOI Data Governance Board Meeting Notes (Per Request) 


What is open data?

Open data is data that are freely available to everyone to use and republish for their own purposes. In the context of government open data, this means that Departments should adopt a presumption in favor of openness to the extent permitted by law and subject to privacy, confidentiality, security, or other valid restrictions. Open data are managed and provided in a way that makes it understandable and usable. The government's investment in data therefore becomes an an asset that can be used and reused for maximum return inside and outside of government. Learn more and join the conversation at Project Open Data.

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