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Can I award against the contract?

We have eight (8) competitive IDIQ contracts against which we award task orders.  Several of the task orders are for enterprise cloud hosting services to agencies or organizations within agencies.


Does DOI have a BPA for SaaS services?

DOI currently has no BPAs for SaaS services.  We have eight (8) competitive IDIQ contracts against which we award task orders. Several of the task orders are for enterprise cloud hosting services to agencies or organizations within agencies.   


What is an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract?

Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contracts provide for an indefinite quantity of services for a fixed time. They are used when the Acquisitions Directorate can’t determine, above a specified minimum, the precise quantities of supplies or services that the government will require during the contract period. IDIQs help streamline the contract process and speed service delivery. IDIQ contracts are most often used for service contracts and architect-engineering services. Awards are usually for base years and option years. The government places delivery orders (for supplies) or task orders (for services) against a basic contract for individual requirements. Minimum and maximum quantity limits are specified in the basic contract as either number of units (for supplies) or as dollar values (for services).


What is the Foundation Cloud Hosting Services (FCHS) IDIQ?
There are eight (8) FCHS IDIQ base contracts. The contracts are for the spectrum of cloud hosting services. The monetary ceiling of each award is $1B, and each was awarded in 2013. Each contract expires on April 30, 2023 if all option periods are exercised.


When does the FCHS IDIQ expire?

The base IDIQ contracts expire on 4/30/23, and task orders issued before contract expiration may extend for up to 12 months after base contract expiration.


What is the cost to use the FCHS contract?

DOI charges a 4.9% fee to provide acquisition support services to non-DOI agencies.  The fee is applied to all task order funding.  


Who can award against the FCHS contract?
Currently, only Department of Interior, Interior Business Center, Acquisition Services Directorate Contracting Officers at the Herndon, VA location can award task orders against the FCHS contracts. Ordering authority has not been decentralized.


What is the Acquisition Directorate’s (AQD’s) process as it relates to the Foundation Cloud Hosting Services contract?

AQD’s process is similar to other contracting organization processes.  We will work with you to refine your Statement of Work, Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), any required Justifications and Approvals, and all other acquisition package documentation.


Do I need an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)?

Yes an IGCE is required as a part of the acquisition package.


Can I have multiple awards?

You may need multiple awards if you're interested in multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).   We have one task order that includes both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), so FCHS may be able to combine requirements.  


What is the first procurement step?

The first step is to execute an Interagency Agreement (IAA Part A) between DOI and your agency/department.  The Part A delineates the roles and responsibilities for each party to the Agreement.  


How is funding provided?

Funding is provided via Interagency Agreement (IA) Part B.  The initial Part B would be due with the initial acquisition package and would be based on the initial period of performance cost estimate (in the IGCE).   We can accept a single funding document inclusive of departments/offices/bureaus or individual funding documents from each department/office/bureau.  


How are invoices paid?

Regardless of how the funding is submitted, FCHS can award separate Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) for service.  The contractor would then be required to invoice by CLIN so that charges are allocated correctly.   We have the contractors send advance copies of the bills to clients on several of the task orders since the time frame to generate a receiving report is so short.  


How are invoices submitted?

Invoices are submitted through the Department of Treasury Invoice Processing Platform (IPP).  


Who generates receiving reports?

The Contracting Officer will appoint a single Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) for the task order, and that COR will be responsible for generating receiving reports for all task order invoices.   The COR will be notified when invoices are submitted via IPP by the contractor.   In enterprise task order situations, the COR typically coordinates with each sub-organization (department/bureau/office) to obtain concurrence to the invoices.  


What are the payment terms?

All of the FCHS IDIQ contract holders are large businesses, so the payment terms are Net 30 Days.  


How long will it take to award my task order?

The amount of time it takes to award a task order varies based on how well defined the requirement is, how complex the requirement is, and the total estimated cost of the requirement inclusive of all periods of performance.  

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