Engineering at Interior

Did you know that the Department of the Interior employs thousands of engineers? Without their pioneering and innovative efforts, our work wouldn't be possible. Opportunities within the engineering fields range across the bureaus, and we are excited to share the important work of Interior’s engineers, who think beyond the ordinary to inspire innovation, keep us safe, and make us marvel.

Civil Engineers


Kyle Stone, NPS Civil Engineer, going over plans with a consulting building inspector as part of Yellowstone’s Employee Housing Improvement Initiative. Photo by Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service.

Interior’s civil engineers balance infrastructure needs with environmental protection to support offshore renewable energy projects; affect decisions about waterways, storm erosion and fish protection; and ensure the safe and efficient design, construction, operation and maintenance of major public works projects like dams, bridges, buildings, roads, power plants and water conveyance systems.

Electrical Engineers

Woman engineer reviews data on a laptop.
Photo by Bureau of Reclamation.

Electrical engineers ensure the safe and effective operation of electrical systems at DOI facilities across the country, from park headquarters to major dams. These professionals spend time in office settings, electrical labs or in the field to creatively solve problems, analyze systems and provide recommendations.

Environmental Engineers


Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Interior is tasked with the stewardship and responsible management of the nation’s public lands, natural resources, and species and their habitats. Environmental engineers ensure DOI meets this mission by assessing the environmental impact of activities, such as construction or natural resource development.

General Engineers

Three male engineers review a work plan with water in the background.
Photo by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

General engineers at Interior apply their technical expertise to work on or oversee a wide variety of engineering or multidisciplinary projects across the country.

Mechanical Engineers


Photo by Bureau of Reclamation.

Mechanical engineers oversee the wide range of mechanical systems at Interior’s facilities throughout the country. They develop designs, plans and specifications for systems such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, fueling and ventilation systems. Mechanical engineers also manage projects involving construction, renovation, retrofitting or historic preservation of equipment or facilities.

Mining Engineers

Man on a hilltop works behind a wooden table with mountains in the background.
Photo by the Bureau of Land Management.

Part of Interior’s mission is to manage America’s natural resources. Interior’s mining engineers achieve this goal by conducting examinations and assessments of solid mineral mines and infrastructure. They apply their scientific expertise to ensure mining activities are carried out safely and successfully while complying environmental regulations.

Petroleum Engineers


Photo by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

Petroleum engineers apply their knowledge to solve complicated technical problems that impact our natural resources and our economy. Interior’s petroleum engineers inspect and oversee exploration, drilling, production and plugging operations on federal oil and gas leases. They work to enhance the safety of operations and reduce potential impacts to the environment, conduct incident and spill investigations related to oil and gas exploration, and collaborate with scientists worldwide to advance the state of understanding of energy resources and provide accurate, dependable and unbiased assessments of the world’s energy resources and associated hazards.

Engineering Technicians

Three men in climbing gear and helmets hangs by ropes on the face of a rocky cliff.
Photo by Bureau of Reclamation.

Engineering technicians work with engineers and other technical specialists to support important work all over the country. Their efforts provide critical support to national parks, historic sites and other buildings, drilling operations, waterways, dams and roads.

Engineering and Architectural Student Trainees


Photo by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

Students have the opportunity to begin their science career at DOI and gain valuable applied experience to pair with their studies. Engineering and architecture student trainees work in a variety of fields, including civil, mechanical and petroleum engineering.

We value our engineers at Interior!

Engineers at Interior work with professionals from many disciplines to design and construct projects that carry out our mission and work toward meeting our priorities.

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