Portion of Katlian River Watershed on Baranof Island in Unit 4 to Open to Mountain Goat Harvest

Under authority of:   36 CFR 242.10 and .19
                                 50 CFR 100.10 and .19
Special Action No: 13-MG-04-16                                                                            
Issued at: Sitka Alaska, September 28, 2016
Effective Date:  12:01 a.m. Saturday October 1, 2016 
Expiration Date:  11:59 p.m. Saturday, December 31, 2016 unless superseded by subsequent special action
This Special Action opens a portion of the Katlian River watershed near Sitka, Alaska to the harvest of mountain goats. 
Last edited 12/16/2016
The area includes drainages flowing into the north side of the main fork Katlian River upstream of the Hogan Lake outlet creek and drainages flowing into the south side of the Hogan Lake system on Baranof Island in Game Management Unit 4. The open area does not include Katlian Mountain. This special action takes effect at 12:01 AM, October 1, 2016.    
REGULATION:  36 CFR 242.26(i)(13)(i) and 50 CFR 100.26(i)(13)(i)  are amended to read: 
Unit 4 - Mountain Goat
1 goat by State registration permit only.                          Aug. 1 - Dec. 31
The watersheds of Blue Lake, Medvejie Lake,               Aug. 1 - Dec. 31
southern portion of the Katlian River and 
Harbor Mountain/Indian River are closed 
to the harvest of mountain goats. 
The Nakwasina River watershed is                                Sept. 24- Dec. 31
 closed to the harvest of mountain goats.
Drainages flowing into the north side                             Oct. 1- Dec. 31
of the main fork Katlian River upstream 
of the Hogan Lake outlet creek and
drainages flowing into the south side 
of the Hogan Lake system is reopened 
to the harvest of mountain goats.
Federal Subsistence Board by delegation to   _/s/Perry Edwards__ 
                                                                              Perry Edwards
                                                                              District Ranger
                                                                              Sitka Ranger District
                                                                              September 28, 2016
Recent aerial surveys indicate that the goat population has recovered from declines associated with three consecutive harsh winters between 2006 and 2008 and that a harvestable surplus of goats is now available in the area covered by this special action. Biologists have set a harvest quota of five males or one female. This special action is necessary to allow hunters additional opportunity where new information indicates a harvestable surplus is available.
The remainder of Baranof Island will remain open for goat hunting unless closed by past or future special action.
KHOO Radio-Hoonah Community FM Radio; KCAW radio – Sitka; KIFW radio – Sitka; KSBZ radio – Sitka
Sitka Daily Sentinel 
KSCT LP – Sitka, KYNL DT – Sitka, Simulcasts KATH LP – Sitka
Hoonah Indian Association; City of Hoonah; City of Tenakee; City of Sitka; Sitka Tribe of Alaska; Stephen Bethune, ADF&G Division of Wildlife Conservation Sitka, City of Pelican, City of Angoon, Angoon Community Association; Michael Bangs, Southeast Regional Subsistence Advisory Council Chair; Earl Stewart, Forest Supervisor; Jeff Bryden, Subsistence L.E.O; Carol Lagodich, Tongass Public Affairs-Ketchikan; Gregory Kent Cummins, Public Affairs Officer, USFS – Ketchikan; Theo Matuskowitz, Office of Subsistence Management - Anchorage; Thomas Whitford, Subsistence Program Leader, USFS-Anchorage; Terry Suminski, Tongass Subsistence Program Leader, USFS-Sitka; Alaska Department of Public Safety.

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