Decision to Close Winter Moose Hunt on Federal public lands in GMU 21B.

Biological Status:

We conducted moose surveys in November 2021 on the Nowitna NWR, trend count areas extending from the Little Mud River down to the Nowitna River mouth (Nowitna/Sulatna Confluence and Nowitna Mouth TCAs) indicate another decrease in overall numbers. The number of cows fluctuates up and down fairly regularly over the years and may be most influenced by yearling cow recruitment. This year the number of cows decreased again and remains below the long-term average. The overall bull numbers increased from the low observed last year, though is still below average. Because cows decreased this year, the bull:cow ratio is 30 bulls/100 cows. The yearling bull recruitment is down to just 4 yearling bulls:100 cows. Calf production increased from last year to 35 calves:100 cows this year. These results, along with the lower numbers seen in the last few years, are concerning.

Last edited 03/02/2022
Contact Information

Koyukuk/Nowitna/Innoko National Wildlife Refuge

(907) 656-1231


There will be NO winter moose hunt in GMU 21 B on Federal public lands.

This decision is based on recent depressed adult moose numbers in this GMU. The population cannot withstand any additional harvest until adult moose numbers begin to recover from the recent declines. A few good years of calf production and survival could reverse the declines seen in this population, while additional harvest and poor production could exacerbate or accelerate declines.

For more information about this hunt, please feel free to contact us toll free @ 1-800-656-1231.

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