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During their August 4, 2020 work session, the Federal Subsistence Board (Board) discussed and approved Regional Advisory Council (Council) Annual Report Replies, and revisions to the Board’s nonrural determination policy, closure policy, and Tribal Consultation Implementation Guidelines.  The Board deferred the process for individual Customary and Traditional Use Determinations until their January 2021 meeting to allow time for Councils to review and comment on the process during their Fall 2020 meetings. 

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Office of Subsistence Management (OSM) staff briefed the Board on Request for Reconsideration RFR15-01, regarding the use of a community gillnet in the Kenai River for Ninilchik residents, noting that with the publication of the Cook Inlet final rule for fishing regulations on August 9, 2019 (84 FR 39188), all conflicting regulatory issues were resolved and no further action was recommended. 

OSM staff also updated the Board on deferred Proposal WP20-26, regarding use of snowmachines to position wolves and wolverines for harvest on Bureau of Land Management lands in Units 9B, 9C, 17B, and 17C.  During their April 2020 regulatory meeting, the Board deferred action on WP20-26 to allow time for further consideration by a working group of Bristol Bay residents and agency representatives. The working group has agreed on including all Federal public lands in Units 9B, 9C, 17B, and 17C in the analysis, but has not reached consensus on the proposed regulatory language. The working group will meet again in October and plans to present their recommendations to the Bristol Bay Regional Advisory Council at their fall 2020 meeting. 

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