Regulations for subsistence take of fish published in Federal Register

On April 6, 2021, the Federal Subsistence Board (Board) published the final rule for the Subsistence Management Regulations for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 Subsistence Taking of Fish in the Federal Register (86 FR 17713). This final rule establishes regulations for seasons, harvest limits, and methods and means related to the taking of fish for subsistence uses in Alaska for 2021–22 and 2022–23 regulatory years.

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The Departments of Agriculture and the Interior published the proposed rule on February 19, 2020
(85 FR 9430) to amend the fish and shellfish and rural determinations sections of the regulations. Publication of the proposed rule opened a public proposal and review process. The final rule reflects Board review and consideration of recommendations from the 10 Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils, Tribal and ANCSA corporation consultations, and public comments.

The revised Federal Subsistence Management Regulations for the Harvest of Fish and Shellfish on Federal Public Lands and Waters in Alaska book will be available online by the week of April 12 at: Printed copies of the regulations book will be available by approximately late April, and may be obtained at your local field office or by contacting the Office of Subsistence Management at (800) 478-1456 or (907) 786-3888, or by email at

Some of the changes to the regulations include: in the Bristol Bay area, time restrictions for harvesting salmon in the Egegik River are repealed. In the Cook Inlet Area, naming conventions of early-run and late-run Kenai River Chinook Salmon will be modified with specific date ranges. In the Kuskokwim Area, closure to subsistence salmon harvesting prior to, during and after State commercial fishing periods in Kuskokwim Districts 1 and 2 is repealed; additionally, language will be modified to clarify set gillnet orientation in tributaries of the Kuskokwim River for all fish. In the Yukon-Northern Area, the Toklat River fishery is now opened to Federally qualified subsistence users.

In southcentral Alaska, the Moose Pass, Crown Point, and Primrose Census Designated Places will now be defined as rural, and independent of the greater Seward area, allowing residents of these communities to qualify as Federally qualified subsistence users.

This rule is effective on April 6, 2021.

The next call for fisheries proposals is scheduled for January 2022.

Members of the public can request an out-of-cycle change in a season, harvest limit, or method of harvest when unusual situations arise, such as a significant change in resource abundance that could not reasonably have been anticipated. More information on submitting a Special Action Request can be found at

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Nr Fisheries Finalrule 2021 [pdf]

View Rule in Federal Register


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