Notice of Regional Advisory Councils public meetings published in Federal Register

On January 11, 2023, the Federal Subsistence Board (Board) published a notice in the Federal Register of the 2023 public meetings for the Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils (Councils). The ten Councils will meet in person throughout Alaska between February 22, 2023, and April 6, 2023, to discuss and propose changes on the take of wildlife regulations on Federal public lands.

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Contact Information

Katya Wessels

(907) 786-3885 or (800) 478-1456

The Councils will meet again between September 19, 2023, and November 2, 2023, to make recommendations to the Board on the proposed changes.  The meetings are open to the public.

Participation is encouraged and you may attend in person or by teleconference.  Detailed information will be published prior to each meeting.  A teleconference will substitute for an in-person meeting if public health or safety restrictions are in effect.

The 2023 Regional Advisory Councils meeting schedule and meeting locations are published at: 

More information about the ten subsistence resource regions and each Council is located at 

Meeting dates

Subsistence Regional Advisory Council

Meeting location

Council Coordinator

Feb. 22-23

North Slope Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Jessica Gill
(907) 310-6129

Feb. 28 – Mar. 2

Southeast Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  DeAnna Perry

(907) 586-7918

Mar. 1-2

Eastern Interior Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Brooke McDavid
(907) 891-9181

Mar. 6-7

Northwest Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Lisa Hutchinson-Scarbrough

(907) 310-4097

Mar. 8-9

Bristol Bay Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Leigh Honig
(907) 891-9053

Mar. 15-16

Southcentral Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Jessica Gill
(907) 310-6129

Mar. 22-23

Seward Peninsula Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Nissa Pilcher

Mar. 29-30

Kodiak/Aleutians Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Lisa Hutchinson-Scarbrough

(907) 310-4097

Apr. 4-5

Western Interior Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council


Contact:  Nissa Bates Pilcher

Apr. 4-6

Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Subsistence Regional Advisory Council

St. Marys

Contact:  Brooke McDavid
(907) 891-9181

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Notice Of RAC Meetings Publication [pdf]


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