Moose Hunting to Open in Unit 5A to Rural Residents

YAKUTAT, Alaska – The Yakutat District Ranger, under delegated authority from the Federal Subsistence Board, is issuing an emergency special action to open the hunting season for moose in Unit 5A, east of the Dangerous River, from Sept. 16 – Nov. 15, 2018, by joint State/Federal registration permit. Additionally, those Federally-managed public lands will be closed to the taking of moose from Sept. 16 – Sept. 30 to all but Federally-qualified subsistence users. Only Alaska residents with their permanent, primary household in Unit 5A are Federally-qualified to hunt moose in Unit 5A.

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This action is effective immediately and will expire 60 days from the beginning of the season or when the 2018-2020 Federal Subsistence Wildlife Regulations are published in the Federal Register, whichever occurs first.

The Federal Subsistence Board adopted these regulations based on the recommendation of the Southeast Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council,in order to provide additional opportunities for Federally-qualified subsistence users of Unit 5A to harvest moose.

Due to administrative delays in the Federal Rule Making Process, the Federal Subsistence Board (Board) has approved temporary delegated authority to some Federal land managers to enact temporary changes to Federal Subsistence Regulations adopted by the Board at its April 2018 regulatory meeting. This delegation of authority is established pursuant to 36 CFR 242.10(d)(6) and 50 CFR 100.10(d)(6).

For additional information on the emergency special action, contact Lee Benson at 907- 907-784- 3359.

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