Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils to revisit Wildlife Proposal WP18-46/47 (Unit 23 caribou closure)

Based on new information on the population of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd (WACH), and to ensure due diligence in the decision-making process, four Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils (Northwest Arctic, North Slope, Western Interior Alaska, and Seward Peninsula) will re-visit Wildlife Proposal WP18-46/47 at their upcoming winter meetings. 

Last edited 01/25/2022
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Proposal WP18-46/47 seeks to close caribou hunting on Federal public lands in Unit 23 to non-Federally qualified users. A recent photocensus of the WACH by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in July of 2017 yielded an estimate of just over 259,000 animals; an increase of 58,000 from the last estimate in 2016. This new data will be presented to the relevant Councils at their upcoming meetings in February and March to see if they wish to re-evaluate their recommendations on WP18-46/47.   

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