Federal Subsistence Board takes action on Emergency Wildlife Special Action Request WSA19-15 (Unit 21D moose)

The Federal Subsistence Board (Board) voted to defer WSA19-15, which requested an emergency moose season for the community of Koyukuk in Unit 21D. The Board voted to defer WSA19-15 until well-defined criteria and guidance are developed to determine how and when food security concerns become a demonstrable and imminent threat to public safety. Federal subsistence regulations authorize the Board, in emergency situations, to open public lands for the taking of wildlife for subsistence uses, under certain circumstances, including for public safety reasons.

Last edited 01/25/2022
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The Board stated that consistent, responsive guidance is needed to help the Board, and in-season managers with delegated authority, properly assess emergency pandemic-related special action requests relative to legal obligations set forth by Title VIII of the Alaska National Interests Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA). The Board has asked that the Interagency Staff Committee, which advises and supports the Board, develop this guidance on behalf of the Board as soon as possible.

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