Federal Subsistence Board opens a limited caribou hunt to False Pass residents on Unimak Island

The Federal Subsistence Board (Board) has approved Temporary Special Action WSA18-01, with modification, to allow the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Manager to issue Federal registration permits for a harvest of up to 3 bull caribou from the Unimak Caribou Herd (UCH) and set dates for a may be announced season between August 15 and October 15, 2018 for residents of False Pass only.

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The Board believes that a limited bull harvest would allow for the continuation of subsistence uses and not compromise the conservation of the UCH. Providing an opportunity to harvest a limited number of caribou would allow False Pass residents a chance to conduct a caribou hunt according to customary and traditional practices and to pass cultural knowledge to the younger generation.   

The UCH is currently estimated to include 334 animals which is approximately 30% of the State population objective of 1,000 caribou. No harvest has occurred from the UCH since 2009. The regulatory flexibility provided to the in-season manager to issue a limited number of permits and maximum harvest of 3 bull caribou offers a conservative approach for providing harvest opportunity while conserving the resource.

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