Federal Subsistence Board opens an emergency moose hunt to residents of Tuluksak

The Federal Subsistence Board (Board) has approved Emergency Special Action WSA18-02, with modification, to establish an emergency Federal moose season in the Unit 18 Kuskokwim hunt area from August 18 through August 31, to residents of Tuluksak only. The Board has authorized the manager of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge (Refuge) to issue Federal registration permits for the harvest of up to seven antlered bulls during this emergency season and to close Federal public lands in this hunt area until September 1 if that quota is met. 

Last edited 01/25/2022
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This action responds to a localized food shortage caused by power outages and subsequent loss of frozen subsistence foods in the community of Tuluksak. In accordance with Section 804 of ANILCA, the Board has prioritized harvest of moose during this emergency season only to residents of Tuluksak because they have demonstrated a unique need among subsistence users. The Board believes that an emergency season quota of seven antlered bull moose provides for the immediate subsistence needs of Tuluksak residents, while ensuring that a meaningful moose quota remains for other subsistence users when the regular moose season opens on September 1. 

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