Cow Moose Harvest Quota Established for Unit 15C

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Manager, under authority delegated by the Federal Subsistence Board, has established a harvest quota of eight (8) cow moose for Federal public lands within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Game Management Unit 15C. The quota is effective for the 2017 Federal subsistence moose season, which runs August 10-September 20, by Federal registration permit only. The season will be closed to the harvest of cow moose once the quota is met. The harvest of spike-fork bull moose or bull moose with 50-inch antlers, or with 3 or more brow tines on either antler, will still be allowed. 

Last edited 01/25/2022
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Todd Eskelin

(907) 260-2817

The cow moose quota for 2017 represents an estimate of a sustainable harvest level for moose utilizing Federal lands within Unit 15C, considering moose population status, moose distribution, and overall harvest levels (bulls and cows) and non-hunting related mortality in this unit as a whole.  Based on the most recent population estimate for moose in Game Management Unit 15C, maintaining the harvest quota at the same level as the previous year will provide subsistence harvest opportunity while not significantly reducing the cow moose population in this portion of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  The quota is established to ensure long-term subsistence moose hunting opportunity on Federal lands, consistent with meeting Refuge purposes, in this unit. 

Under Federal subsistence regulations, only residents of Ninilchik, Seldovia, Nanwalek and Port Graham are eligible to hunt cow moose on Federal public lands in Unit 15C.  Residents of these communities can obtain permits at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Soldotna (907-262-7021).  For additional information, contact Todd Eskelin at (907) 260-2817.

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