Bull Moose harvest quota established for Unit 5A, except Nunatak Bench

YAKUTAT, Alaska – Yakutat District Ranger Lee Benson, under authority delegated by the Federal Subsistence Board, has established the moose harvest quota for Unit 5A, except Nunatak Bench, at 30 bulls west of the Dangerous River and 30 bulls east of the Dangerous River. This quota is effective for the 2018 Federal Subsistence moose season, which is October 8 to November 15, west of the Dangerous River, and September 16 to November 15, east of the Dangerous River, or until the quota is met. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has established the same quotas in Unit 5A for the State season, effective October 15, extending through the end of the State season on November 15. The State and Federal quotas are not cumulative.

Last edited 01/25/2022
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Paul Robbins Jr.
Public Affairs Officer
Tongass National Forest


The Yakutat area received heavy snowfall during the 2011-2012 winter, which may have impacted the overall population. Recent relatively mild winters are thought to have resulted in improved over-winter survival for ungulate populations region wide, and recent minimum calf:cow ratios (24 calves:100 cows and 28 calves:100 cows west and east of the Dangerous River, respectively, in both 2015 and 2016), indicate healthy recruitment. A 2015 aerial survey conducted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game found the minimum bull:cow ratio (16 bulls:100 cows and 21 bulls:100 cows west and east of the Dangerous River, respectively) had improved from 2013 (12 bulls:100 cows west of the Dangerous River), and even greater improvement was observed in 2016 (38 bulls:100 cows and 35 bulls:100cows west and east of the Dangerous River, respectively). Rapid harvest west of the Dangerous River in recent years and reports from hunters observing high numbers of bulls further indicate a recovering population.

In order to more effectively manage the harvest, the reporting period west of the Dangerous River will be decreased to 24 hours, while the reporting period of 3 days east of the Dangerous River will remain the same. Hunters are reminded that this is a condition of the permit, and failure to report within the required time period may result in a citation. Prompt reporting helps ensure that we do not exceed the quota and continue to rebuild this population and increase the bull:cow ratio.

For additional information, contact Yakutat District Ranger Lee Benson or Wildlife Biologist Susan Oehlers at 907-784-3359.

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