2021 Fall Federal Nushagak Peninsula Caribou Season Opening

This special action is valid for federal public lands occurring in portions of Units 17A and 17C consisting of the Nushagak Peninsula south of the Igushik River, Tuklung River and Tuklung Hills, west to Tvativak Bay – communities of Manokotak, Aleknagik, and Dillingham

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The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge Manager, under authority delegated by the Federal Subsistence Board, will open caribou hunting (limited to a total harvest of 8 caribou) on the Nushagak Peninsula. Hunters must obtain an FC1702 permit.  Hunt opens at 12:00 am August 1, 2021 and closes 11:59 pm March 15, 2022 in the following Units:

Those portions of Units 17A and 17C consisting of the Nushagak Peninsula south of the Igushik River, Tuklung River and Tuklung Hills, west to Tvativak Bay.  Hunters should review the FC1702 permit conditions before heading afield, as some portions of the units remain closed to caribou hunting.   

The harvest limit is one caribou with a firm quota of 8 total caribou available for harvest.  Successful hunters are required to report their harvest within 5 days.  Hunters that are unsuccessful or did not hunt must return their Harvest Report within 15 days after the close of season.  Only federal lands within the hunt area will only be open and only federally qualified rural residents of Manokotak (4 permits), Aleknagik (2 permits), and Dillingham (2 permits) are eligible for this hunt. Permits will be distributed by the tribal councils of the 3 eligible communities.  Hunters should review the land status of their intended hunt area prior to heading afield.

State of Alaska Caribou Registration Permit RC501 (portions of Unit 17A /17C north of the FC1702 hunt area) is closed, per Emergency Order (EO 04-05-21) dated July 22, 2021. 


The 2021 population estimate of the Nushagak Peninsula Caribou Herd is 287 which is up from the 2020 population estimate of 226 animals.  Under the management plan for this herd, a limited harvest is available.  The Nushagak Peninsula Caribou Planning Committee met July 28, 2021 and a consensus was reached for allowing a harvest of 8 caribou total with the 4 permits going to the Manokotak Village Council and 2 permits each to Dillingham and Aleknagik Village Councils.

For additional information, contact Kenton Moos at (907) 842-1063.

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