2020 Yukon River Salmon Fall Fishery Announcement #11 District 4 and Koyukuk River Drainage Subsistence Fishing Schedule

Districts Affected: Upper Yukon Area


The 2020 fall chum salmon inseason projection is for a run size of less than 300,000 fish, which is the second lowest run size since the year 2000. Mixed stock analysis was applied to the passage estimates to remove summer chum salmon and resulted in an estimate of 78,000 fall chum salmon in the river as of August 9. 

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Contact Information

Jeff Estensen, Area Management Biologist

(907) 459-7274

Toll free fishing schedule and counts: (866) 479-7387

In Fairbanks fishing schedule hotline: 459-7387

The mid-point of the fall chum salmon run at the mainstem sonar operated near Pilot Station typically occurs on August 11. The projected abundance is below the level needed to meet the drainagewide escapement goal of 300,000-600,000 fall chum salmon, tributary escapement goals, and Canadian treaty objectives. Fall chum salmon are typically dominated by age-4 fish; however, the 2016 parent year that produced that age class has shown extremely poor survival in chum salmon runs throughout the state. Consequently, subsistence salmon fishing periods in the District 4 and the Koyukuk River drainage are cancelled until further notice to allow fall chum salmon to reach their spawning areas. The department will continue to assess the run to determine if there are surpluses of chum salmon for further harvest opportunities.

Subsistence Management Actions

District 4 (Grayling, Anvik, Kaltag, Nulato, Koyukuk, Galena, and Ruby):

Subsistence salmon fishing is currently closed. Previously announced subsistence salmon fishing periods are cancelled until further notice.

Koyukuk River Drainage:

Subsistence salmon fishing is open seven days per week, 24 hours per day with 7.5 inch or smaller mesh gillnets.

Effective 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 11, subsistence salmon fishing in the Koyukuk River drainage will close until further notice.

During subsistence salmon fishing closures, only gillnets with 4-inch or smaller mesh may be used to target non- salmon species. Fish wheels may not be operated during the closures.

This is an announcement by the ADF&G in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. To reach the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Fairbanks call 456-0406.

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