2018 Yukon River Summer Salmon Fishery News Release # 27 - Subdistrict 4-A Commercial Fishing Schedule

Districts Affected: Upper Yukon Area

At this time, a precautious management approach to the harvest of Chinook salmon will remain in effect as the run abundance of Chinook salmon is being assessed.

The summer chum run is projected to be around 2 million fish. Currently there is a market for summer chum salmon and based on run strength, commercial fishing is being opened in Subdistrict 4-A to target summer chum salmon with live-release fish wheels.

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Contact Information

Holly Carroll, Area Management Biologist

Deena Jallen, Assistant Area Management Biologist

Lower Yukon Area Office

(907) 949-1320

Toll free fishing schedule hotline: (866) 479-7387

The commercial fishing season in Subdistrict 4-A will open with commercial fish wheels only. Commercial fish wheels must be constructed in a manner that includes:

  1. basket sides and bottoms consisting of soft mesh material similar to or made of seine web
  2. an adjustable or fixed slide or chute that consists of a smooth bottom and closed cell foam lined sides
  3. returns Chinook salmon immediately to the water.

Commercial fishermen should confirm their market before they fish.

Subdistrict 4-A (from ¾ miles downstream of Old Paradise Village upstream to Cone Point):

Effective 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, June 26, the commercial fishery will open for 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Fishermen must use commercial fish wheels that are manned at all times of operation. All Chinook salmon caught in commercial fish wheels must be immediately returned to the water alive and recorded on a fish ticket.

Fishing will be open for 24-hours a day each day:

Period #1: Tuesday, June 26

Period #2: Wednesday, June 27

Period #3: Thursday, June 28

Period #4: Friday, June 29

Period #5: Saturday, June 30

Period #6: Sunday, June 1

Period #7: Monday, July 2

All salmon harvested during commercial fishing operations must be recorded on a fish ticket at the time of sale. Chinook salmon caught and released must be recorded on a fish ticket as released alive. Other salmon harvested and not sold should be recorded on the fish ticket as “not sold”. These commercial fishing periods do not affect current subsistence management actions and fishing schedules.

Fishermen should stand by for the announcement of additional commercial periods.

This is an announcement by the ADF&G in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. To reach the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Emmonak call 949-1798. News releases and fishery information will be shared on Facebook at:


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