2018 Yukon River Fall Salmon Fishery News Release #67 Reminder: Return 2018 Salmon Fishing Permits

Yukon Area subsistence and personal use salmon fishing permits expired on October 15 and are due back to the ADF&G Fairbanks office by October 25 for the following permit areas:

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Contact Information

Jeff Estensen, Area Management Biologist

Christy Gleason, Assistant Area Management Biologist

Upper Yukon Area Office

(907) 459-7274

Yukon River: Rampart, Yukon River Bridge, Circle and Eagle

Tanana River: Subdistrict 6-A (Manley), Subdistrict 6-B (Nenana) and Personal Use in Subdistrict 6-C (Fairbanks/North Pole).

Non-salmon subsistence and personal use permits expire on December 31 and are due by January 10. These permits include Upper Tanana River drainage subsistence, Tolovana River drainage subsistence for northern pike, Koyukuk River subsistence, and personal use whitefish/sucker (Fairbanks/North Pole).

If you are not done salmon fishing by October 15, please call the Fairbanks office at (907) 459-7274 to request an extension. If you are done salmon fishing this year, please review the harvest information you wrote down on the permit. If no one in your household went fishing, please check the “Did Not Fish” box on the permit and return it. If you have lost your permit, please the contact the Fairbanks office.

Permits can be returned online at www.adfg.alaska.gov/sf/PU (enter harvest information and click return permit), in person at your local department office, or by mail to the address listed above.

The department thanks you for your cooperation.

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