2017 Yukon River Fall Salmon Fishery News Release # 1 Yukon Area Fall Salmon Fishery

Districts Affected: Lower Yukon Area

The Yukon River Drainage Fall Chum Salmon Management Plan goes into effect in District 1 beginning July 16. Upriver management districts and subdistricts will switch to fall season management as the fall chum salmon migration reaches those areas. The ADF&G field office located in Emmonak will be open for fall season operations. The lower river test fishery will begin fall season operations on July 16, the Mountain Village test fishery on July 18, and the mainstem sonar near Pilot Station will begin reporting all chum salmon as fall chum salmon on July 19. 

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Contact Information

Jeff Estensen, Area Management Biologist
Christy Gleason, Asst. Area Management Biologist
Phone: (907) 459-7274

The department is reminding fishermen who are intending to fish in the Set Net Only Area of District 1 to register prior to commercial fishing during the fall season. Registration can be completed by contacting the Emmonak Fish and Game office or filling out registration forms posted in local District 1 community post offices. After the first commercial period of the fall season, there is a 72-hour waiting period to transfer into and out of the Set Net Only Area. The waiting period begins once you have notified the department of your intentions to transfer. For those individuals who are intending to fish in the remainder of District 1, no special registration is required and those fishermen will be registered to the district where their first delivery is made.

Recorded fishery announcements and updates will be available 24 hours a day, toll free at 1-866-479-7387. If you have any questions regarding this report, please call the Emmonak ADF&G office at 949-1320 or the Fairbanks office at 459-7274. The Emmonak ADF&G office will stand by on VHF channel 7A.

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