Secretary's Indian Water Rights Office

The Secretary's Indian Water Rights Office (SIWRO) is part of the Secretariat as set forth in the Departmental Manual at Part 109, Section 1.3.(E)(2). The mission of SIWRO is to manage, negotiate, and oversee implementation of settlements of Indian water rights claims, with the strong participation of Indian tribes, states, and local parties. SIWRO works in concert with tribes and all water stakeholders to deliver long promised water resources to tribes, certainty to all their non-Indian neighbors, and a solid foundation for future economic development for entire communities dependent on common water resources.

SIWRO provides high-level policy guidance and direction from the Office of the Secretary, under the leadership of the Chair of the Working Group on Indian Water Settlements, facilitating inter-agency participation and cooperation needed to achieve and implement comprehensive settlements. SIWRO coordinates and supports Federal settlement activities through 45 Federal negotiation, assessment, and implementation teams working throughout the western United States.


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