Deepwater Horizon NRDAR Trustees Release Draft Restoration Plan to Restore Birds

Last edited 03/16/2023
Gannet Parent and Chick With Nest Material

The Deepwater Horizon NRDAR Open Ocean Trustee Implementation Group has released its Draft Restoration Plan 3 and Environmental Assessment: Birds (PDF, 304 pages) for public comment through April 28, 2023. The draft plan is available for review and in libraries and other repositories.

The draft restoration plan evaluates 11 bird restoration projects and a “no action” alternative. Based on this evaluation, the Trustees are proposing 7 preferred alternatives for implementation. The total estimated cost for the preferred alternatives is approximately $26 million.

The draft restoration plan and proposed projects are consistent with the Trustee Council's Programmatic Restoration Plan, and include a variety of bird restoration techniques.

The preferred alternatives would:  

  • improve seabird nesting colonies through habitat enhancement, as well as predator and invasive species management; 
  • reestablish seabird colonies by attracting breeding adults to restoration sites; and 
  • work through collaborative partnerships to identify and implement strategies to reduce the risk of seabird bycatch.  

Public Comment and Webinars 

The 45-day public review and comment period for the draft restoration plan is March 14 through April 28, 2023. During the public comment period, the Trustees will conduct two public webinars. After the public comment period concludes, the Trustees will review, consider, and address comments prior to the release of the Final Restoration Plan 3 and Environmental Assessment.  

For more information about the draft plan, the alternatives, the webinars, and how to submit public comment, please visit the Open Ocean Trustee Implementation Group’s webpage.


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