Tribal Consultation

At Interior, we fundamentally believe that honoring our relationship with Tribes and upholding our trust and treaty responsibilities are paramount to our mission.  

We take our commitment to strengthening Tribal sovereignty and self-governance seriously, and we know that robust consultations are the cornerstones of Federal Indian policy. 

  • Red Cliffs National Conservation Area showcases scenic desert vistas.
    The Department facilitates consultations that address broad topics, such as climate change and American Rescue Plan Funding. Our bureaus and offices lead consultations on specific issues.

    Upcoming Consultations

  • Tree-covered hills at Meetse Area of Critical Environmental Concern.
    Interior consulted with Tribal leaders to improve our consultation process, identify best practices, and strengthen our relationship with Tribal governments.

    Consultation at Interior on Improving Consultation

  • Sun shines on a tree-lined section of the Bighole River.
    Find transcripts, schedules and other resources from past consultations at Interior.

    Past Consultations

  • Snow-covered Organ Mountains rise into the clouds behind a field of vegetation.
    Find memoranda, executive summaries, reports, studies, plans, and other resources.

    Resources for Tribal Nations