CORRECT THE RECORD: New York Times Continues False Attacks Against Trump Administration

Last edited 01/14/2020

WASHINGTON -- Today, the New York Times continued to push a false narrative about the Trump Administration, launching an interactive list of Department of the Interior leaders and their backgrounds prior to joining the Administration. The selective information provided paints an erroneous picture about the public servants at the Department who bring valuable expertise from prior positions in the federal government, state and local government, military service, law, non-profit, academia and science - including a geologist and former NASA astronaut who completed three space missions and spent more than 856 hours in space. The story also continues to incorrectly portray that our country can't make wise use of our natural resources while also protecting our environment. 

The wide-range of experience among our leadership encompasses a team of highly-qualified public servants dedicated to effectively advancing Interior's mission and the Administration's goals for a stronger, better and more secure America on behalf of the American people. The claim that these individuals lack the understanding or experience to ethically and effectively do their job is an insult not only to them, but also to our entire citizen-driven, elective form of government. 

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