Evidence at DOI

Offshore Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico
Offshore Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico

DOI is committed to building and using evidence for effective program management and strategic decision-making. The following documents guide DOI’s efforts under the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018.

  • DOI’s Learning Agenda: Outlines a set of priority learning questions to begin DOI’s process to build evidence, improve its use, and report out on progress made. The learning agenda aligns with and supports the DOI FY 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.
  • DOI’s FY 2023 Annual Evaluation Plan: Summarizes DOI’s plans to conduct significant program evaluations in the upcoming year.
  • DOI’s Capacity Assessment: Reviews DOI’s coverage, quality, methods, effectiveness, and independence in its use of statistics, evaluation, research, and analysis. The capacity assessment discusses DOI’s plan for building maturity in evidence-building and program evaluation.

The Director of the Office of Planning and Performance Management, who also serves as Evaluation Officer, is responsible for overseeing the Department’s evaluation activities, learning agenda, and capacity assessment, as well as collaborating with, shaping, and contributing to other evidence-building activities across DOI bureaus and offices. These efforts include providing technical and methodological leadership to assess, improve, and advise on evaluation activities as well as providing support for evolving evidenced-based efforts such as conceptualizing, prioritizing, and designing specific activities. The Evaluation Officer works in coordination with the Chief Data Officer and Statistical Official to provide the evidence necessary for critical decisions about program operations, policy, and regulations and gain visibility into the impact of resource allocation on achieving program and overall Department objectives.  

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