OMB's December 8, 2009 Open Government Directive (PDF) (11 pp., 81K) establishes deadlines for action by each federal agency.

High-Value Data Green light

January 22, 2010: Identify and publish online in an open format at least three high-value data sets and register those data sets via
Completed: Interior posted the high-value data sets by January 22, 2010.

Accountability / Data Integrity Green check

January 22, 2010: Designate a high-level senior official to be accountable for the quality and objectivity of, and internal controls over, publicly-disseminated federal spending information.
Completed: Interior Secretary Salazar has designated Andrew Jackson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Management and Budget, as our accountable official. Web Presence Green check

February 6, 2010: Create an Open Government Web page to serve as the gateway for EPA activities related to the Open Government Directive.
Completed: Interior posted the /Open Web page on February 5, 2010.

Public Conversation Green_check

February 6, 2010: Incorporate a mechanism on the Open Government Web page to:open-share

  • provide input on the Agency's Open Government Plan,
  • provide input about which information to prioritize for publication, and
  • give feedback on assessment of the quality of published information.

In addition, develop and staff a plan to respond to public input received on the Open Government Web page on a regular basis.

Completed: Starting February 5, 2010, Interior seeks public input on the Web at

IdeaScale enables the public to suggest new ideas or vote and comment on other ideas. Interior management and staff will review and summarize public input received through IdeaScale and/or other means on a weekly basis.

Open Government Plan Green check

April 7, 2010: Develop a plan for how the Agency will improve transparency and integrate public participation and collaboration into its activities.

On April 7, Interior published the DOI Open Government Plan. To ensure institutionalization and lasting sustainability of open government principals within DOI, this plan is purposely designed to be a living document – a frequently updated framework that provides direction throughout the Agency. The nature of this plan requires constant incorporation of feedback and is intended to be updated as frequently as each quarter. We encourage you to read our open government plan and provide us with feedback on ways you think it can be improved. Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to our Open Government Team at: