Streamlined “Interior Business Center” Focuses on Core Set of Services

“National Business Center” Gets New Brand

Last edited 09/05/2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Policy, Management and Budget Rhea Suh, who recently unveiled a new brand for the Department of the Interior's shared services provider, said today that the restructuring is leading to more streamlined and efficient operations.

The new brand, called the “Interior Business Center,” replaced the organization formerly known as the “National Business Center” in October under Secretarial Order number 3322—Restructuring and Renaming of the Department of the Interior National Business Center.

“The new, streamlined Interior Business Center focuses on delivering a core set of complementary business services in the areas of human resources, acquisition, financial management, and indirect cost services,” Suh said. “This new focus is the result of months of leadership work and employee engagement. From customer and employee surveys, strategic assessments and focus groups, to transformation planning and initiatives, the organization has positioned itself on a strategic path toward becoming the premier shared services provider for Interior and for other parts of the federal government.”

During the inauguration ceremony, which took place in Herndon, Va., on Oct. 18, Suh highlighted the benefits of the shared services model. According to Suh, in times of fiscal challenges, the mandate for coupling efficiency with effectiveness is critical. The Interior Business Center has been a pioneer and “has a pivotal role in this mandate,” she said.

The department is taking a phased and cost-sensitive approach to the transition from the National Business Center to the Interior Business Center. Built on the strengths of the past, this realignment contributes to a more efficient and economical federal government, Suh notes.

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About the Interior Business Center: Located within the Department of the Interior, the Interior Business Center (formerly the National Business Center) is a federal shared services provider that offers business solutions to create efficiencies and economies of scale for the Interior as well as other federal agencies. For more than 30 years, the Interior Business Center has supported Interior offices and bureaus and other federal agencies by providing business solutions that allow these organizations to focus on their core missions. Today its government workforce of dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge of federal business practices, along with its ability to leverage government and commercial best practices, allows the Interior Business Center to serve a customer base of more than 150 government offices and agencies.


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