State, Federal Leaders to Accelerate Delta Habitat Restoration, Proceed With Water Infrastructure Fix

Last edited 09/29/2021

OAKLAND, CA – After months of public comment and exhaustive review, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today joined top federal officials to unveil plans that accelerate restoration of the Delta's ecosystem and fix the state's aging water infrastructure.

“We can't just cross our fingers, hoping for the best in the Delta,” said Governor Brown. “Fish populations are at an all-time low. Bold action is imperative. We've listened to the public and carefully studied the science. This revised plan is the absolute best path forward.”

“The State, through Governor Brown's leadership, has been a strong partner working with us to improve California's water infrastructure while restoring the Delta. The plan announced today, which has been greatly improved in response to public input, will secure California's water future and a healthier, sustainable Bay-Delta ecosystem,” said Deputy Secretary of the Interior Michael L. Connor.

The revised plan substantially improves the health of California's fisheries, increases water reliability and addresses the uncertainty of climate change.

Specifically, the plan will accelerate long-stalled Delta environmental projects, including critical habitat, wetlands and floodplain restoration, while fixing California's aging and environmentally damaging water infrastructure system.

The effectiveness of the restoration work depends on building a reliable conveyance system.

For more information on today's announcement see additional fact sheets here.

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