Salazar Makes Law Enforcement Leadership Announcements

Last edited 09/29/2021

Washington, DC – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced that Chief of the U.S. Park Police Sal Lauro has agreed to serve as a Senior Advisor, effective January 31, 2011.

In that position, Chief Lauro will work closely with Kim Thorsen, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Law Enforcement, Security and Emergency Management to launch a comprehensive review of all aspects of the Department's and Bureaus' law enforcement activities and programs. Chief Lauro and Deputy Assistant Secretary Thorsen will provide recommendations to the Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Bureau heads on how to strengthen law enforcement throughout the Department and its agencies.

“Sal Lauro is a tremendous asset to the Department and I appreciate his willingness to continue to play a leadership role in our law enforcement programs,” said Salazar. “He exemplifies the professionalism and dedication of our strong and proud Park Police force.”

Salazar lauded Chief Lauro as a highly effective and visionary leader for the Park Police. His accomplishments include improving the level of collaboration between the Park Police and external partners, particularly with respect to our nation's critical infrastructure.

Secretary Salazar today also announced that the final order of the Merit Systems Protection Board concerning Teresa Chambers will be implemented on January 31. “Chief Lauro has led the Park Police on a positive and ambitious agenda over the last two years,” said Salazar, “and I look forward to Teresa Chambers continuing to advance that agenda.”

“From strengthening security at the Statue of Liberty without diminishing the visitor experience, to serving as a strong, steady, and innovative leader for the force, Chief Lauro has charted the right course for the Park Police,” said Jon Jarvis, the Director of the National Park Service. “I look forward to working with Teresa Chambers as she returns to the National Park Service and to continuing to advance down the path of progress that we are on.”

“It is a tremendous honor to return to the United States Park Police and to work alongside the men and women of that organization who have the privilege of serving the law enforcement profession while also serving our country,” said Chambers. “Each day, as part of the National Park Service, these officers, along with law enforcement rangers, walk through the pages of history as they protect and secure our national monuments and parks and those who visit them. I look forward to assisting Director Jarvis and the entire National Park Service team in continuing their fine record of service.”

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