Interior Announces Increased Water Supply Allocations in California

Central Valley Water Supply Continues to Improve

Last edited 09/29/2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced that the Bureau of Reclamation's 2010 Central Valley Project Water Supply allocations have increased throughout the valley as a result of improved hydrologic conditions as they existed as of April 1, 2010 and as reflected in the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) April 2010 snow survey and runoff forecast.

“For the second consecutive month, we are accelerating our reporting of updated allocations, in an effort to get the best available information to our contractors as quickly as possible to aid in their planning decisions for the upcoming season,” stated Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

Compared to the previous allocation and using a conservative forecast (generally referred to as the 90-percent exceedance forecast):

• The allocation for Municipal and Industrial (M&I) water service contractors north of the Delta, including American River and Contra Costa M&I contractors, is 100 percent—up from 75 percent

• M&I water service contractors south of the Delta remain at 75 percent allocation.

• Agricultural water service contractors north of the Delta are allocated 100 percent—up from 50 percent.

• Agricultural water service contractors south of the Delta are allocated 30 percent—up from 25 percent.

• Friant Division agricultural water service contractors' allocation of Class 2 water supply increases to 15 percent—up from 10 percent; Class 1 allocation remains at 100 percent.

• Eastside Division agricultural contractors' (Stanislaus River) allocation remains at 100 percent of their contract quantities (155,000 acre-feet).

• The allocation for settlement contractors with claims to senior water rights along the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers remains at 100 percent of their contract quantities (approximately 2.4 million acre-feet).

• Wildlife refuges' allocation north and south of the Delta remains at 100 percent of their “Level 2” water (approximately 400,000 acre-feet).

“Serious water supply challenges still exist for South-of-Delta agricultural contractors in part as a result of 3 consecutive years of drought, early water year 2010 dry conditions, as well as operational constraints on the CVP to address water quality and fish species of concern,” said Secretary Salazar. “As I announced in March of this year, we are committed to efforts to secure an additional 8 to 10 percent supply for agricultural contractors south of the Delta. We are expecting that up to 150,000 to 200,000 acre-feet can be secured to help supplement the South-of-Delta supplies.” These amounts represent new supplies for 2010 not previously available to the west side of the San Joaquin Valley.

“It is through our strong partnerships that we can best address the Central Valley Project's water supply challenges – both short term and long term. We, along with agencies and stakeholders, are fully engaged in developing water supply solutions while at the same time honoring conservation requirements and contract responsibilities.” added Secretary Salazar. “Working closely with Governor Schwarzenegger, Senators Feinstein and Boxer, Congressmen Miller, Costa, Cardoza, Thompson, and Grace Napolitano and other members of the Congressional delegation, plus all stakeholders, the Department is fully engaged in establishing solutions for a sustainable water supply in California.”

Water supply updates will be made monthly or more often as necessary based on new information throughout the precipitation season. Additional information, including the allocation table, and water supply updates are posted on the Mid-Pacific Region's website at

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