Seeking Input on Proposed Amendment to the HHCA

Last edited 11/29/2023

(Letter to organizations listed on the DOI Native Hawaiian Oranization List sent on July 28, 2016)


The reason I am writing today is because your organization is listed on the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Native Hawaiian Organization List and we are seeking input regarding Act 173, 2014 Hawai‘i Session Laws.  This state law proposes to amend the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920 (HHCA) by permitting the State of Hawaii Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) to lease by direct negotiation and at fair market rents, and for a term not to exceed five years, any improvements on Hawaiian home lands, or portions thereof, that are owned or controlled by the DHHL.

In order for the U.S. Department of the Interior to determine whether Act 173 requires congressional action it would be helpful to get your opinion on the Act.  We are particularly interested in your opinion on whether Act 173 increases or decreases benefits to the HHCA beneficiaries and the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust.  However, any input you can provide on Act 173 will be gratefully accepted.

To assist those who choose to provide input on Act 173, I have posted the following documents:
•     Dhhl Analysis Of Act 173_2014 Submitted 07062016 [pdf]
•    State of Hawai‘i legislative history documents pertaining to the State’s approval of Act 173; and 
•    Sample questions regarding Act 173 (see below) that you may use to provide your opinion.

Please note that you are not required to answer the sample questions.  If you have an opinion on Act 173 and it does not fit under one of the sample questions, please provide it anyway.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.  Please e-mail your opinion on Act 173 to and include in the subject line “Opinion on Act 173.”  I hope to hear from you within the next 30 days.

Ka‘i‘ini Kimo Kaloi




Does Act 173 increase or decrease the benefits to the HHCA beneficiaries or the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust?  

Does Act 173 advance homesteading opportunities for the beneficiary community?

Are you in favor or opposed to Act 173?

What community do you live in or, if you are seeking a homestead, where is that homestead community located?

Do you have any additional comments related to Act 173?

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