Generic and Fast Track Clearances

The Generic Information Collection Request process was developed by OMB to facilitate rapid approvals of similar information collections that arise on a regular basis. Using the process an agency must get a programmatic approval from OMB, which describes the types and scope of collections that an agency would like to do over a standard three year renewal period.

The programmatic approval goes through the Standard PRA Review and Approval process, including Federal Register Notices, Supporting Statements A&B, etc. Once the programmatic approval is obtained however, agencies can then complete a simple justification for each individual information collection, and submit to OMB for approval. OMB will provide approval without going through the full Federal Register Notice process as long as the IC fits within the scope of what was approved within the Generic Clearance.

Active DOI Generic Clearances

1040-0001 DOI Programmatic Clearance for Customer Satisfaction Surveys
This Programmatic Clearance for Customer Satisfaction Surveys allows Interior to better fulfill our Departmental or program-specific statutory mission as well as our government-wide responsibilities to provide excellence in government by proactively consulting with those we serve. The Programmatic Clearance enables Interior bureaus and offices to conduct customer research through external surveys, such as questionnaires and comment cards.  This information is collected to improve the services and products that DOI provides to the public and thus better carry out part of its statutory mission.  This clearance is primarily directed at supporting the required of the Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) – 31 USC 1115.
The existing Programmatic Clearance covers all of the bureaus and offices in DOI and provides centralized oversight for all customer satisfaction surveys within Interior. Allowable information collection methods include: in-person intercept surveys, telephone interviews or questionnaires, mail and e-mail surveys, web based products, focus groups, and comment cards.

1090-0011 DOI Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative Feedback on Agency Service Delivery

This collection of information is necessary to enable the Agency to garner customer and stakeholder feedback in an efficient, timely manner, in accordance with our commitment to improving service delivery.  The information collected from our customers and stakeholders will help ensure that users have an effective, efficient, and satisfying experience with the Agency’s programs.  This feedback will provide insights into customer or stakeholder perceptions, experiences and expectations, provide an early warning of issues with service, or focus attention on areas where communication, training or changes in operations might improve delivery of products or services.  These collections will allow for ongoing, collaborative and actionable communications between the Agency and its customers and stakeholders.  It will also allow feedback to contribute directly to the improvement of program management, but results of this collection will not be used for statistical analysis and will not be published.

Improving Agency programs requires ongoing assessment of service delivery, by which we mean systematic review of the operation of a program compared to a set of explicit or implicit standards, as a means of contributing to the continuous improvement of the program.  The Agency will collect, analyze, and interpret information gathered through this generic clearance to identify strengths and weaknesses of current services and make improvements in service delivery based on feedback.  All of the bureaus and offices within DOI will have access to this generic clearance.  The solicitation of feedback will target areas such as:  timeliness, appropriateness, accuracy of information, courtesy, efficiency of service delivery, and resolution of issues with service delivery.   Responses will be assessed to plan and inform efforts to improve or maintain the quality of service offered to the public.


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