Summer Season

To:  All Department of the Interior Field Employees

From: Secretary Ryan Zinke

Subject: Summer Season

First, I am honored to be the 52nd Secretary of the Interior and look forward to carrying on the proud traditions of the Department of the Interior (Department) and addressing the many challenges of the future. Our role—as stewards of our Nation’s public lands, honoring our Native American and Alaska trust obligations, managing our fish and wildlife, managing our natural resources responsibly, and supporting our territorial obligations—is critical to the success of America for generations to come. The motto, as inscribed in stone on the Roosevelt Arch at Yellowstone National Park, “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People,” speaks volumes as to our core responsibility and mission.

Second, as we enter the 2017 summer visitor season, I ask all of us within the Department to do our part to ensure that the visitor experience within our parks, refuges, monuments, memorials, and other public lands is in keeping with the finest traditions of public service and professionalism. We have a unique opportunity to showcase our Nation’s most majestic treasures for visitors and create positive memories and experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether you are cleaning a fire grate or greeting visitors at the front gate, I ask that you do it with a renewed sense of pride and commitment to excellence. When in uniform, wear it proudly and ensure your appearance is sharp. Interact with the public with the highest degree of friendly professionalism. Take the time to say hello to our visitors and be always willing to provide helpful suggestions and useful information about the resources we manage. If you see litter on the ground or a dirty restroom, take the initiative to correct the problem yourself.  We are all a team and have a shared responsibility to take care of our lands and provide the best level of service to our visitors. If you see something wrong, say something; be a leader in fixing the problem.

Lastly, remember to be safe and help create an enjoyable experience for both visitors and fellow employees. You are a valuable part of our team, and I want you to enjoy a safe and meaningful work environment of which we can all be proud. Working together, we will ensure the Department reflects the greatness of the lands, water, and wildlife that we protect.

I sincerely thank you for all you do, and I look forward to seeing you on our trails in 2017.


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