Recognition of Employee Dedication and Perseverance During COVID-19

Last edited 04/06/2020


I want to begin by thanking all Department of the Interior (Department) employees who are presently working at their duty stations, from home, and other locations to fulfill the important duties that conserve our public lands and resources, provide necessary information to the public, promote public health, and ensure public safety.  Your continued perseverance and dedication to continue the work at hand is recognized and appreciated.

Now, as we continue to strive to slow the spread of COVID-19, your ongoing hard work on behalf of the American public is more vital than ever.  If you are unable to telework or you intend to be absent or unavailable during a specific timeframe, please be mindful of when to request leave and coordinate with your supervisor who would otherwise rely upon your availability for assigned work.  I appreciate and expect that all Department employees will continue to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as assigned while also taking necessary steps to preserve their health and safety and attend to the needs of their families.

Failure to work earnestly at this critical time would be disruptive to our Department’s important mission and increase burdens on colleagues.  All of us have committed to accomplishing our assigned tasks even under these challenging circumstances.  Doing so is not only our duty, it is a requirement of Federal service, fulfilling the trust that has been placed in us by the American people.

Your can-do attitude during these unique times has been nothing short of inspiring.  I am humbled to work alongside such a dedicated crew and appreciate your continued commitment to serve the American people.


David L. Bernhardt
Secretary of the Interior

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