DOINews: USFWS: NPR Morning Edition Features Service Wildlife Inspectors, Wildlife Repository

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USFWS supervisory wildlife inspector Naimah Asiz Naimah Aziz inspecting a legal shipment of wildlife products.

U.S. Supervisory wildlife inspector Naimah Aziz inspects a legal shipment of wildlife products. Photo by Catherine J. Hibbard, USFWS

In December, National Public Radio foreign affairs correspondent Jackie Northam visited Service Law Enforcement Operations as part of a story she was covering on the Trans-Pacific Partnership international trade agreement. She shadowed supervisory wildlife inspector Naimah Aziz on a visit to the international mail facility at John F. Kennedy Airport and visited the National Wildlife Property Repository on the outskirts of Denver. The story aired Jan. 28 on Morning Edition.

Submitted by: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Feb. 2, 2015

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