DOINews: Students Plant Trees at OSMRE-Funded Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Site

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On April 11, 2014, the Leeton High School Future Farmers of American and the Missouri Land Reclamation Program's Abandoned Mine Lands Unit planted 200 trees on the Missouri Highland Highwall Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Site near Calhoun, Mo.

Approximately 30 students and adults took part in the tree planting took approximately four hours. After tree planting was completed, Missouri Land Reclamation Staff took students on a nature walk to identify plants and animals found on the reclamation site.

Located in Henry County, Missouri, the Missouri Highland Highwall Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Project was completed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Land Reclamation Program in 2012. The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement funded the project under an Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program grant. The 84-acre project area was composed of mine spoils, dangerous piles, and embankments; a dangerous highwall that was located next to a county road; and a hazardous water body. Approximately 45 acres of the total acreage were barren and unstable and contained dangerously eroding piles and embankments. The highwall was 3,600 feet long, 40-70 feet tall, nearly vertical in most areas, and composed of unconsolidated material which was sloughing off at various locations. In addition, a hazardous water body was situated below the highwall.

Under the reclamation plan, approximately 3,600 feet of the highwall was eliminated, and the water body was filled in with mine spoil material. The entire site was graded and shaped to match the surrounding terrain, lime and fertilizer was incorporated to amend the acidic spoils, and the site was seeded with a mixture of cool season grass and legumes for livestock production.

By: Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement

May 21, 2014

Read the story on the OSMRE website here.

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