DOINews: Spring 2014 Edition of DOI's NEWSWAVE Now Online

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Screenshot of Spring 2014 NEWSWAVE

June is Oceans Month!

Read about actions Interior is taking to help the Northeast region not only recover from Hurricane Sandy, but to ensure that our communities and ecosystems are more resilient in the future. Read about the many ways restoration efforts pay off.

Along the lines of resilience, recovery, and restoration, get an update on how the RESTORE Act funds are being used in the Gulf of Mexico region's recovery from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Explore a three-page special feature highlighting coral resources and Interior's role in protecting them.

Keep an eye on coastal change through USGS iCoast. Learn more about coastal and marine science through USGS web pages covering topics like: tsunamis and hurricanes, gas hydrates, deep sea mineral resources, deepwater corals, benthic habitats, coastal wetlands, coral reefs, remote sensing, modeling, mapping, and more.

In addition, this issue features an array of online photos and videos:

-NPS Video about sea-level rise in Everglades National Park,

-Video footage of rufa red knots foraging along the shoreline

-Links to aerial images and videos from the Arctic's vanishing coastlines.

By: Ann Tihansky, DOI, and Terry Holman, DOI

June 19, 2014

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