DOINews: NPS-USPP: U.S. Park Police Chiefs Join 2015 Recruits for Fitness Training

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On Feb. 20, 2015, U.S. Park Police Chief of Police Robert D. MacLean and Acting Assistant Chief Patrick C. Smith participated in circuit training with UPTP-507, the first 2015 recruit class for U.S. Park Police under the leadership of MacLean.

U.S. Park Police Chief Robert D. MacLean (bottom of photo) and recruit Eric Rice doing leg lifts during the group-fitness circuit.

U.S. Park Police Chief Robert D. MacLean and recruit Eric Rice work hard doing leg lifts during the group-fitness circuit. Photo by USPP-NPS.

Capt. Robert Lachance; commander, Training Academy/FLETC led the 18 recruits and the chiefs in a vigorous work out at the Anacostia Operations Facility in Washington, D.C. They all participated in fitness drills that were structured around team work. This fitness training allowed the recruits the opportunity to truly experience and embrace how the next 18 weeks of training will go and importance of working together.

MacLean shared encouraging words with the group about perseverance, dedication, leadership and pride. With everyone's hands gathered in a circle a loud chant of ‘leadership' could be heard throughout the facility inspiring all that were there to share the experience.

All 18 recruits began their training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Facility in Glynco, Ga., on February 23.

By: Sgt. Lelani Woods, public information officer, USPP, NPS

March 6, 2015

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