DOINews: NPS: College Students Engage in Acoustic Research for National Park Service

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College student wearing headphones and working on a computer
A Colorado State University student analyzes acoustic data. Photo by Bryony Wardell, CSU.

Elk, owls, coyotes, and snowmobiles all have been heard on Colorado State University campus lately. The sounds are coming from a listening laboratory where students participating in a research project being jointly conducted by CSU and the National Park Service are analyzing acoustic data recordings to inform management of national parks across the country.

“This research opportunity taught me the importance of natural soundscapes and how human noises can have a significant impact on environments,” said Samantha Bietsch, a CSU junior majoring in fish, wildlife, and conservation biology.

The partnership advances Centennial goals by engaging youth in NPS research, while helping reduce time for data analysis.

Check out the full story, including audio clips, at the "More Information" link below.

More Information

Nov. 17, 2014

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