DOINews: New Zealand EPA Seeks Guidance From BSEE

Last edited 09/05/2019

Group photo of BSEE and New Zealand representatives
From left: T.J. Broussard, BSEE Environmental Compliance; Michael Saucier, BSEE GOM regional supervisor, DFO; Michael Prendergast, BSEE deputy regional director, GOMR; Phil Parkes, New Zealand EPA general manager; Richard Johnson, New Zealand EPA, EEZ manager, Applications and Assessments; Simon Coubrough, New Zealand EPA senior advisor, Compliance EEZ.

BSEE News Brief

Feb. 3, 2014

BSEE's Gulf of Mexico Region hosted three members of New Zealand's Environmental Protection Authority on Jan. 27 to help foster global awareness. The purpose of New Zealand's visit was to study BSEE's operational policy and learn best practices.

New Zealand's EPA has a broad mission and oversees some of the same challenges as BSEE including major infrastructure projects, regulating hazardous substances, and measuring the environmental impact of activities including oil and gas exploration and production.

A series of workshop style meetings were held to help the delegation better understand the scope of BSEE's mission. Deputy Regional Director Michael Prendergast gave the New Zealand delegation an overview of the Gulf of Mexico Region and BSEE regulations and responsibilities on the Outer Continental Shelf. Michael Saucier, Regional Supervisor for District Field Operations followed up with details of how the region and districts are structured and the responsibility of personnel. BSEE's commitment to protecting the marine environment was highlighted by TJ Broussard, chief of Environmental Compliance Section.

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