DOINews: New BLM Arizona Video Highlights Collaboration: Partnering for a Better Tomorrow in Lake Havasu

Last edited 09/05/2019

Lake Havasu City is one of Arizona's top visitor destinations. The Lake Havasu Tourism Bureau estimates that 1.5 million people visit Lake Havasu City each year.

Lake Havasu

Its waters and surrounding lands are managed by 14 federal, tribal, state and local governments. To better serve the public, the Bureau of Land Management's Lake Havasu Field Office is developing a memorandum of understanding with these agencies to ensure consistency in decision-making, particularly related to permits for activities, on the waters of Lake Havasu, as well as on its shoreline.

BLM Arizona video screenshot

CLICK HERE to watch the BLM Arizona's YouTube video about the cooperative management of Lake Havasu. The video underscores the importance of partnerships in effective public land management.

March 12, 2014

YouTube video courtesy of BLMer Jayson Barangan, assistant Field Manager, Recreation & Operations, Lake Havasu Field Office

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