DOINews: Did You Know? DOI's Regional Adapted Diversity Training is Drawing an Overwhelming, Positive Response

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DOI diversity graphicTo meet popular demand, Interior provided regional adapted diversity training (improved and enhanced by feedback from participants and consultants) to nearly 500 leaders at its locations that have the highest concentration of managers and supervisors — Albuquerque, N.M.; Anchorage, Alaska; Atlanta, Ga.; Boise, Idaho; Lakewood, Colo.; Minneapolis, Minn., Portland, Ore.; Reston, Va.; Sacramento, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.

Participant reaction to the training is overwhelmingly positive and most expressed sentiments that are similar to the remarks provided by Bureau of Land Management's Assistant District Manager Abbie Jossie who said, “This presentation helped me to separate diversity from EEO in terms of a goal. [The Franklin Covey Consultant] presented a philosophy that I have long-held, which is that inclusivity and leadership support will move your workforce culture closer to your diversity goals than simply meeting quotas or ‘talking the talk.'”

Beyond training and educating managers and supervisors, Interior's bureau directors have promoted ownership and support for Salazar's Inclusive Workplace Statement by issuing supportive memorandums and recording video clips to clearly tie the future success of their respective bureaus directly to the need for an inclusive workplace. In his remarks at a recent diversity event, Bob Abbey, Director of Interior's Bureau of Land Management said, “So one wonders — with the changing demographics, and the seeming lack of involvement by the emerging majority in using, enjoying, or working on public lands — what the future will look like. ... Without increasing diversity within all of these public land management agencies, all other initiatives will likely be for naught.”

U.S. Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Acting Director Rowan Gould are actively contributing to strategy and execution of their respective bureau diversity implementation plans. They are demonstrating and communicating the importance of diversity to employees, partners and other stakeholders via video clips, periodic reports, all-hands meetings and leadership off-sites. Their inspiring video messages to employees are available at (Director McNutt); and (Acting Director Gould)

Secretary Salazar and his leadership team are poised to overcome the challenges of undertaking a long-term cultural change. Their goal is to achieve sustainable diversity and inclusion outcomes and realize the goal of making the Department of Interior the best place to work in America.

For questions concerning the department's Inclusive Workplace Strategy, contact Chief Diversity Officer John Burden at

May 26, 2011

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