DOINews: BLM Utah Premieres #OSTadventure Video at New Employee Training; Highlights Bureau Efforts to Reach Youth through Social Media

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On Wednesday, Feb. 12, the Bureau of Land Management Utah premiered a new video about their successful #OSTadventure at the new employee training in Phoenix, Ariz.

Screenshot of BLM Utah's #OSTAdventure Video

Watch the Old Spanish Trail Adventure video on YouTube -

BLM Utah Associate State Director Jenna Whitlock introduced the video, saying: "For the better part of a week, the #OSTadventure crew captivated a national audience online as they documented their journey (along the Old Spanish Trail) live using a myriad of social media platforms.

Engaging more than a quarter of a million viewers LIVE online, while also pumping-out BLM-Daily stories each night by 6 p.m. – often written en route – the intrepid OSTadventure crew found the perfect mix of substance and excitement.

To commemorate their adventure, the crew developed a video highlighting their journey. I am pleased to premiere it for everyone today.”

BLM Utah's #OSTadventure map and collage

Three American Conservation Experience interns working for the BLM Utah National Trails Program embarked on a truly unique adventure. Trekking more than 400 miles along the Old Spanish National Historic Trail in southern Utah, the adventurers set out to meet Interior Secretary Jewell's recent challenge " inspire millions of young people to play, learn, serve and work outdoors." Joined by BLM Utah's new media lead and videographer, the #OSTadventure crew captivated a national audience as they documented their journey along the historical route, live on a myriad of social media platforms.

Joined by a BLM or trail association field expert at each juncture, the crew searched for traces of the past -- sharing the adventure online, viewers experienced and engaged in the highs and lows of the trip. Each day, the #OSTadventure crew connected the dots as they discovered Utah's rich culture, history and beauty. Whether on foot, bike or horse, the crew worked with local field offices to highlight adjacent recreation resources as they visited cultural sites and landscapes associated with the historic trail.

#OSTadventure crew gathers on their last night

The video effectively captures the youthful spirit of the trip and is geared toward millennials in search of adventure in America's great outdoors. For new BLM employees at the recent training, the video underscored Secretary Jewell's emphasis on youth outreach, as well as the BLM's ongoing efforts to reach youth through innovative social media campaigns.

Read the original social media posts from the #OSTadventure on the BLM's My Public Lands Tumblr:

By: Chad Douglas, web manager and social media lead, BLM Utah

Feb. 18, 2014

#OSTadventure YouTube Video:

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