DOINews: BLM-Idaho: Hats Off to Challis Elementary School on Natural Resource Day!

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Natural Resource Day came alive in Challis, Idaho, recently when close to 185 students from kindergarten to sixth grade rotated through six classrooms set up by community natural resource professionals. Karma Bragg from the Custer Soil and Water Conservation District organized the annual event.

Smiling students examining a table filled with rocks at the event

Students were educated by local veterinarians on horses and livestock; educated about electricity by Salmon River Electric linemen; introduced to Custer and Lemhi County Sheriff's K9 unit; and they were entertained with aquatic bugs, plants, soil and weeds by Custer Soil and Water Conservation District, Lemhi County Cooperative Weed Management and BLM biologists.

Student being introduced to Custer and Lemhi County Sheriff's K9 unit

Students seated outside viewing an exhibit at the event.

The students were rocked by earthquakes, phosphorescence minerals, and mining discussions by BLM geologists and Thompson Creek Mining Company personnel. They were also educated about agriculture by the local Farm Bureau, roped by the Challis High School Rodeo Team and inspired by Challis High School Envirothon Team.

Students examining rocks at the event.

The bug classroom, the creation of BLM fisheries biologists Ryan Beatty and Eric Reiland, focused on stream and pond insects. Students used tweezers to search, capture and transfer live aquatic bugs from sample pans into ice cube trays.

Students using tweezers to remove bugs from ice-cube trays at the event.

The rock classrooms, created by BLM geologists Ken Gardner and Antonia Hedrick, allowed students to learn about the recent earthquakes, and examine colorful minerals and rocks with hands lenses and ultraviolet lamps. Fluorescent minerals glowed in the dark, and the phosphorescent held the glow long after the ultraviolet light was removed.

Students examining rocks with hand-held lens at the event.

Were they excited about all of this? Look at their faces!

By: Antonia Hedrick, geologist, BLM Challis Field Office

May 27, 2014

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