DOINews: Abby Hall, BLM Montana Havre Field Office, Wins BLM's First 'Think Green' Award

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The Bureau of Land Management announced rangeland management specialist Abby Hall as the winner of the BLM's first "Think Green!" award during an Earth Day 2014 celebration at the BLM's M Street Offices in Washington, D.C.

Abby Hall, rangeland management specialist, accepting her
Abby Hall, a rangeland management specialist with the BLM Montana Havre Field Office, accepts her "Think Green!" award from Stanley James, manager of the field office. Photo by BLM.

In recognition of her winning entry, Hall received an engraved, "green" commemorative award, made from recycled glass. The award was presented by Havre Field Office Manager Stanley Jaynes. All Field Offices in Abby's HiLine District will be outfitted with power strips this year in recognition of her foresight in greening BLM. In addition, the BLM plans to install smart power strips throughout the bureau over the next five years

The Think Green! award asked BLMers to contribute their best ideas about how the agency can "go green" and improve its overall energy and environmental performance. About 70 entries were received.

Abby's winning idea champions installing "Smart" power strips bureau-wide. These power strips are located at individual work stations to make saving energy easy and automatic through the use of motion sensors. If there is no activity for a certain amount of time, the power strip turns off selected outlets, leaving on only those outlets that are required to stay on.

By: Bureau of Land Management

April 28, 2014

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